Interpretation: official version of DLC plant lamp v2.0 standard

In September 2020, DLC released the official version of v2.0 standard for plant lamps, which will be implemented on March 21, 2021. Before that, all DLC applications for plant lamps will continue to be reviewed according to v1.2 standard. What should be paid attention to in the new standard?

Update of plant lamp v2.0

1. Keep the requirement of v1.2 ≥ 1.9 μ mol × J-1 unchanged
In the first draft of V2.0, DLC plans to increase the photosynthetic photon efficiency of PPE to 2.10 μ mol / J. However, after collecting the feedback of the draft, DLC realized that the plant lamp is an emerging market. For the sustainable development of the market, DLC decided to keep the current v1.2 standard of PPE photosynthetic photon efficiency value unchanged, while maintaining the tolerance of - 5%.In addition, DLC adds two optional reporting parameters, 280-800nm photon flux parameter and efficiency parameter. The radiation in this range is usually related to the effect of plant growth and development.

2. Revise terminology to comply with ASABE (s640)

DLC revised some policy terms to better align with the American Association of agricultural and Bioengineering (ASABE) ANSI / ASABE s640 definition.

3. The safety certification requirements meet ul8800

The safety certificate of plant lamp lighting products must be issued by OSHA NRTL or SCC and comply with ANSI / ul8800 (ANSI / can / UL / ULC 8800).

4. Request tm-33-18 data

DLC will request PPID and SQD data information exported according to tm-33-18 standard.

5. Family application
DLC will accept family applications for plant lamps to reduce the test burden and application costs.
Product as a family requirement
● The same led must be used;
● It must have the same structure, including electrical, optical and heat dissipation structures;
● Different drivers can be included;
● Different mounting brackets can be included without affecting heat dissipation;
● Must include complete and detailed model name;
● A model name can only correspond to one brand. When a product is sold with more than one brand, the model name should be distinguished accordingly.

6. Private label listing application

DLC will accept private label listing applications for plant lights.