RoHS is the abbreviation of the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
As an internationally recognized inspection, appraisal, testing and certification body, best will issue a test report or statement on the RoHS compliance of products based on the review of product test results and necessary technical documents, so as to ensure that you meet the ROHS requirements of the destination country and enhance the buyer's trust in your products. We will assist manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to reduce the risk of violations and ensure the smooth entry of products into the international market.


RoHS product testing


一、Applicable countries and requirements


Country/Region Name of regulation Scope of control Controlled substances
European Union  Restricted use in electrical and electronic equipment
Directive on certain hazardous substances
Electronic and electrical products 10 term
China Administrative measures for limiting the use of harmful substances in electrical and electronic products Electrical and electronic products 6 term
California, USA

SB 50:Emergency Amendment to SB 20

The diagonal length of the screen exceeds 4 inches
Video display device based on
4 term

AB 1109:California lighting efficiency and hazardous substances Reduction Act

General purpose luminaires 6 term
South Korea Electronic and electrical equipment resource recovery method 5 categories (including automobile)
26 products
6 term

Japanese industrial standard JIS C 0950:2008
《Marking method for specific chemical substances in electronic and electrical equipment》

7 kinds of electronic and electrical equipment 6 term
UAE (United Arab Emirates)

BoD Decision No.10 of 2017
《UAE regulations for control of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products》
(简称UAE RoHS)

Electronic and electrical products
(class 1-11, same as EU RoHS)
2.0; phased control)
6 term
Eurasian Economic Union (eaeu)

TR EAEU 037/2016
Restrictions on the use of electronic and radio products in the Eurasian Economic Union
Technical regulations for specific hazardous substances》(EAEU RoHS)

Household appliances, telecommunication equipment, etc
12 categories of products
6 term
Thailand Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE)
Restrictions on the use of certain hazardous substances
Same as EU ROHS 1.0 6 term
Taiwan Guidelines for reducing the content of restricted chemicals in electrical and electronic equipment Other than medical and surveillance
9 categories of electronic equipment

6 term



Best service advantages:

1、Several sets of UV Vis NIR spectrum analysis system, photoelectric color comprehensive analysis system

2、Top level German test system labsphere
2、Ultraviolet(UVA/UVB/UVC)Radiation safety analysis system
3、Multiple sets of testing system for full space light intensity and color distribution of synchronous tracking mirror photometer
4、60000Energy efficiency aging detection capability of single lamp
5、The LED aging test equipment best uses the most accurate espec system aging test in Japan,

6、With many years of laboratory construction and authorization experience, we can help manufacturers to obtain authorization, become the first party laboratory, test by themselves, quickly seize the market, find out their own equipment, and improve their technical ability.



Lighting Energy Efficiency Testing and Certification Services:

● ENGERGY STAR® (USA and Canada)

  • ● California Energy Commission (CEC)
  • ● Design Lighting Consortium (DLC)
  • ● DOE Department of Energy (USA)
  • ● NRCan (Natural Resources Canada)
  • ● CE ErP Directive (Europe)
  • ● Energy Label (Europe) 
  • ● EECA (New Zealand)    
  • ● GEMS/MEPS (Australia and New Zealand)
  • ● Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act [VEET] Scheme (Australia)
  • ● IPART Scheme Lighting Requirement (Australia)
  • ● SASO (Saudi Arabia)
  • ● INMETRO (Brazil)
  • ● HK Energy Label
  • ● Efficient Lighting Initiative ELI (Worldwide)

Lighting Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing and Certification:

● FCC Part 18 (RF Excited Lighting approvals in the USA)

  • ● FCC Part 15B (LEDE Lighting approvals in the USA)
  • ● CISPR 15 / EN 55015 (Lighting Emissions Testing for Europe and Many Asian Nations)
  • ● IEC / EN 61547 (Lighting Immunity Testing for Europe and Many Asian Nations)


BEST routinely performs Energy Efficient Lighting Testing in accordance with the following Standards:

  • ● LM-79
  • ● LM-80
  • ● LM-82
  • ● LM-84
  • ● TM-30
  • ● DOE 10 C.F.R. 430.23(ee) (Appendix BB to Subpart B of Part 430)
  • ● ENERGY STAR® Program Requirements for Lamps/Luminaires
  • ● DLC SSL qualification requirement
  • ● CEC Title 20 State-Regulated Lamps
  • ● CEC Title 24 JA8 and JA10