At present, the global energy shortage is increasing. The United States and the European Union have launched a series of energy efficiency regulations and energy conservation plans. The most common ones are energy star, CEC, EST, MEPs, ELT and ERP, If the enterprise can have the corresponding energy efficiency certification products, it will be favored by consumers in the European and American markets, and has a broad prospect.

BEST is the first laboratory to bring energy star to Chinese mainland. It is a recognized and certification institution approved by EPA. It can directly distribute energy star, DLC, DOE, CEC Title20, CEC Title24, LDL, CSD, Eurovision, Canada, Australia energy efficiency, and the aging test of optical devices for energy efficiency and optical devices of electronic and electrical products.

In the aspect of energy efficiency testing of electronic energy consuming products, especially lighting products, best is the national nvlap (Lab) Code:200770-0 )And DOE approved laboratory, with more than ten years of testing experience, and obtained the following authorization:

※ EPA approved Energy Star certification body (CB) covering lighting and electrical and electronic projects

※ EPA recognized test lab of energy star

※ Nvlap eelp (Lab) Code:200770-0 )And IAS (accreditation No.: tl-749, tl-460)

※ It is an energy efficiency laboratory approved by California Energy Commission (CEC).

※ It is a testing laboratory approved by the design lights Consortium (DLC) of the United States.

※ The testing laboratory that has obtained the declaration of DOE federal energy regulation 10cfr430 mandatory control products of the U.S. Department of energy

※ Obtained the declaration and testing service of mandatory control products proposed by Canada's nature resource to postpone the requirements of Canada's energy efficiency regulations

※ It can provide comprehensive test items of LED lamps: UV value, light distribution curve, illumination, spatial distribution of light intensity, lm-80 lumen maintenance rate test, etc

※ Can provide lighting products FTC label testing and certification services.

American Energy Star (ES) voluntary certification

Energy star is an energy efficiency project jointly launched by the U.S. Department of energy and the environmental protection agency. It makes its own contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection. Energy Star Star? Covers most of the electronic products in daily life, such as household appliances, traditional fluorescent lighting, new LED / SSL solid-state lighting, building energy saving, office equipment, refrigeration / heating products, commercial food processing equipment, LED integrated bulb, SSL solid-state lighting, integrated fluorescent CFL, electronic ballast, tungsten filament lamp, external power adapter, air conditioner, TV , set top box, etc.

EPA and DOE launched the new energy star third party certification process on January 1, 2011 If manufacturers want their products to be marked with the energy star logo, they must have EPA approved testing laboratories to test and issue test reports, and submit them to the EPA approved third-party certification body (CB) for approval before they can obtain the brand-new Energy Star Testing and certification services provided by a small number of certification bodies (CB) and testing bodies of energy star.

Best can provide us energy star certification services for a variety of lighting products, as follows:

Energy efficiency testing service for solid state lighting products

(1)Energy Star bulb standard v2.1

 Product range: non standard bulb, directional bulb, decorative bulb, omnidirectional bulb

(2)Luminaries V 2.2

 Product range: directional household lamps and lanterns, non directional household lamps and lanterns

(3)Energy star light string standard v1.5

For product range: decorative lamp string

(4)  Energy Star fan and fan lamp lighting module v4.0

(5)Other categories of products and energy star standards


Department of energy (DOE) is a mandatory energy saving certification issued by the US government.

From December 9, 2009, DOE requires manufacturers and label holders mentioned in the following list to submit certification report and compliance statement. If they do not declare at the required time, they will be punished when entering the U.S. Customs. Best is authorized by nvlap (Lab Code: 200770-0) and has successfully helped customers of relevant product categories to provide qualified test reports for online declaration of DOE regulations.


California Energy Commission (CEC)

California is the most economically developed state in the United States. It has launched a set of energy-saving plans of its own, and its products need to be sold to California. Besides applying for DOE, it also needs to apply for CEC (T24, T20).


European energy efficiency label

Most of the electronic products sold in the European market are required to comply with the European energy efficiency label. Best provides relevant European energy efficiency testing services according to (EU) 2019 / 2015 directives and standards, evaluates energy products according to test results (A-G), and issues complete test reports. At present, the compulsory certification products are: LED bulbs, LED lamps, controllers, fluorescent lamps, etc.


EU ERP directive on energy efficiency and ecological design of light sources

On October 1, 2019, the European Commission formulated the ecological design regulation (EU) 2019 / 2020 for light sources and independent controllers, which will be issued on December 5, 2019. The original regulation (EC) 244 / 2009, (EC) 245 / 2009, (EU) 1194 / 2012 will be enforced and repealed on September 1, 2021, and the directive 2009 / 125 / EC will be implemented. This regulation sets specific limits, including energy efficiency requirements, function requirements and information requirements.


Australia energy efficiency label MEPs

Best can provide mandatory service of Australian energy efficiency rating label. Energy consuming products exported to Australia must comply with the minimum energy consumption standard requirements (MEPs) of Australia. The regulations that require compliance with the general requirements of MEPs also stipulate the penalties for violating the above requirements. The test report produced by the authorized organization must be submitted to the Australian energy efficiency organization for it to take effect,

Energy efficiency in Canada


Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is the administrative agency that administers and enforces Canadian energy efficiency regulations. All products sold in Canada must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements, labeling requirements and information requirements specified in the energy efficiency regulations.

Quebec electrical energy efficiency regulations:

On May 17, 2017, the official gazette of Quebec published a new regulatory document "Regulations on the energy efficiency of electrical or hydrocarbon fuel appliances". The regulation takes effect on the 90th day from the date of promulgation, that is, August 15, 2017. From that day, all regulated products should meet the energy efficiency requirements of the new regulations of Quebec, Canada.

The types of products to which the regulations apply include: domestic water heaters, heating or air conditioning appliances, lighting equipment, household electronic appliances, motors, dry-type transformers.

The lighting equipment mainly includes the following categories:

Fluorescent lamp ballast, general general lighting fluorescent tube, general lighting incandescent reflector lamp, general lighting bulb, exit sign lamp, traffic signal module, floor lamp.