Product certification services cover: household and commercial electrical appliances, consumer and household audio and video electronic products, information technology products, wireless communication products, power products, light sources, lamps, ballasts, electric tools, laboratory test equipment, semiconductor optical devices, optical fiber communication products.


● North American Certification

Best provides UL, ETL professional certification agency services.


● European certification

CE is a compulsory mark to enter the European Economic Area (including the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein). Products with CE mark indicate that they meet the requirements of a series of European directives, such as safety, health, environmental protection, energy consumption and consumer protection.

Test standard for safety lamps

UL61010-1 / EN61010-1/IEC 61010-1 for Laboratory, Control, and Measurement Equipment

UL60601/IEC60601/EN60601-series Standards for medical equipment

UL1993/CSA1993 for self-blasted lamps and lamp adaptors

UL153/UL1598/UL8750 for Lighting Products

● Asia certification

CCCChina Compulsory Certification, abbreviated as "CCC", abbreviated as 3C certification. CCC certification mark is the certificate that China allows the relevant products to be sold, imported and used. In other words, all products listed in the compulsory certification catalogue will be prohibited from entering the Chinese customs or selling in the Chinese market before obtaining CCC certificate and applying CCC Mark.

● PSE & S-Mark in Japan

In Japan, all electrical and electronic products in the PSE catalogue must pass the PSE mark certification. According to the catalog requirements, the products are divided into two categories: class a specified products (116) and class B non specified products (341). S-Mark is a non mandatory mark of safety certification in Japan. Best directly cooperates with Japanese national testing institutions to help customers obtain PSE mark and S-Mark mark and enter the Japanese market smoothly.


● Australia / New Zealand certification zone


RCM is an ISO 17025 laboratory authorized by nvlap (Lab Code: 200770-0). Its IEC, as / NZS safety projects are recognized by the Australian government, and can obtain the corresponding SAA certificate. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, products with Australian certification can enter New Zealand smoothly.

SAA certification is the standard organization of Australia, which is the certification of Standards Association of Australia, so many friends call it Australian certification. Electrical products entering the Australian market must comply with SAA certification.


Standards Association of Australia is the standard setting body in Australia, which does not issue product certification. SAA was later renamed Standards Australia Limited.

SAA is an electrical product entering the Australian market, which must comply with the local safety regulations, that is, the certification often faced by the industry. Due to the mutual recognition agreement between Australia and New Zealand, all products certified by Australia can enter the New Zealand market smoothly. All electrical products are required to do safety certification (SAA). At present, there are two ways to apply for SAA certification in China. One is to transfer through CB test report. If there is no CB test report, you can also apply directly.